Friday, December 12, 2008


Wednesday night i went to Madison and it was so fun! I went to a Dark Dark Dark show (one of my favorite musical groups, made up of a cello, a banjo, an accordian, and both a male and female vocalist.. and the girl graduated from Morris!) with Elena, and i stayed with Jeremiahs sister Dinah. When we arrived, her face was covered with blue make up and glitter, and she apologized for it explaining that she had been playing dress up with herself. I made cupcakes for Dinah that were frosted all different colors (vanilla frosting + food dye). I also left like 12 cupcakes at home for my roommates, less than 24 hours later they were all gone.
I got to talk to the band, and i think my enthusiasm came off as a little nutty.
Also, i wandered around on State St. and visited all kinds of neat little shops filled with handmade items like french barrettes and hand-knit scarves. This experience kind of rekindled my spark for crafts and i made several vows to myself. I resolved to learn to sew and make myself a christmas dress, to build shelves for all of my books in my bedroom (if you refer to an earlier entry you can see that all my books are lined up on the floor next to my bed), to learn to make button and pendant jewelry, and to go vegetarian again and make some nice meals for Jeremiah and i, who is conveniently attempting to live a healthier lifestyle.
Early this week Jeremiah came along to the MSU painting studio with me, and of course documented the events. You can find the pictures here:

I need to get a pair of winter boots, but they are all so expensive. I get ornery though when the bottom of my pants are wet, because i often sit on my knees and then the rest of my pants get wet too.

I hope to take Spencer, Grant, Nation and Hugo out to play lazer tag today. That is my goal.

Hope all is well for those of you that read this, and for everyone else too, i suppose.


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Anonymous said...

Madison was great fun. We need to do more trips like that. I can't wait to be home and be crafty!! Love <3