Wednesday, December 3, 2008

good things to come

wooo hooo it's the last week of classes and i have almost made it through the long haul! i could not help but rejoice tonight upon the completion of one of my more challenging classes.

I've so many plans for winter break.. all good things- paintings and letters and friends and violin and drums and holiday celebrations. I'd like to take my cousins (spencer and grant) to the new lazer tag facility, also, i'd like to start attending poetry readings at frentz art guild and going to the unitarian church more frequently, as i seem to always leave intrigued with a new perspective to consider. which reminds me, would my parents be interested in attending the UU church for christmas eve this year? I think it would be a very positive experience, and a lot of my students will be in attendance there!

Which also reminds me,
a comment-leaving tutorial:
1. find the comment option at the bottom of the entry you would like to comment on, and click on it
2.type in the comment box
3. you will be asked to decode a word so that this site knows that you are not a computer leaving spam. the letters will look messed up, but type them in
4. select the name/url option, fill in your name,
5. hit publish comment.

now come on people and demonstrate your newly acquired skills

there has been a lot of hype about my new watercolor paintings, 3 people have asked me for them already! But alas, i painted them with my mother in mind, and they were hers before they were even in existence.

as long as we are on the topic of art, here are a few of jeremiahs pictures that i very much like:
(once you open the picture, click it to enlarge)
the epitome of perfect timing..
This is Nation
Here is one that has received a lot of attention
nation and river
of my friends melissa and dave
of myself a while back
a skiier
i love the caption on this one "Nation learns to slide"
Nation and Hugo washing hands
Pat (my roommate) with umbrella
this one also has received a lot of attention

and so on and so forth.. i could go on with this all day, he is very talented. :)
one of my own, that begins to capture his infectious spirit:

We are each made up
of galaxies and things
that cease to spin
if we forget to sing

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