Sunday, November 30, 2008

My weekend thus far

I have one week left of classes before finals, and i have a lot to do. I find myself however, being productive in other ways. I work 40 hours this weekend, but in the 16 hours i have off i have already done the following things:

I cleaned my bedroom, which proved to be a 3 day task.
(I also cleaned other rooms in my house with help from Jeremiah!)

I played soccer with 5 of my friends.
(3 on 3, my team lost, but we played well and it was a close game)

I accidentally kicked the soccer ball into a window,
while attempting to kick it into the house through the front door.
Luckily nothing happened, but Jeremiah caught my reaction on camera.

We hosted a craft night at our house on Friday.
I worked on a little book that i made.
Ruepert (dog) made himself comfortable in the midst of it all.

Jeremiah has been encouraging me to take more photographs, and my interest in photography has kind of been renewed, so i'm sure there will be a lot of photo documentation to come. Sometime i will link you to several of his photographs that i especially like. I have to finish my laundry and do some homework before i go to work in an hour and a half, so that's all for now!

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