Friday, January 9, 2009

yours for the taking!

As my rats have demonstrated to me as of late, if you want something, you have got to take it for yourself.
My roommates were asking me to stop feeding my rats their dog bones. I told them i havent been, someone else must have thought it was funny to put dog bones in the rat cage or something.
A few days later, i woke up to find Chica out of her cage. Inside their cage, I find this:

They escaped their cage and robbed first the dog bones, later the candy jar,
AND THEN last night Chica climbed into bed with me at 4am.

And here i had been thinking a thing would be content to live confined to a cage.

Nothing is content living in such conditions.
As my rats have demonstrated: we each need an element of control in our lives, and if we are not given it, we take it for ourselves.

I've been paying close attention lately to my shifts in energy, as it is a precious commodity in my fast-paced life. When do i lose my energy and why? What triggers it? How can i help it? I've found that in the winter, it is more difficult for me to keep myself going. If i come home halfway through the day, i feel warm and comfortable and lose my motive to continue on through my tasks. And so alas, it is important that i power through my days, without taking breaks. It's like running a long distance race- if you start to walk, or if you stop, it is hard to start again. If you maintain your pace, you create a kind of rhythm for yourself that keeps you going.

I've got to make the conscious choice to keep moving.

My good friend Jenna once said to me,
"Sometimes you have got to fight by yourself, for yourself, against yourself."

i have found this to be true in my life time and time again.

You get what you give.
You get what you give.

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Leiah said...

i need to push myself the same way - make a rhythm, don't stop moving, switch from one thing to the next...

question - do your rats make noises?