Friday, January 9, 2009

Weyhe family holiday photos

It was a cold day and the clouds in the sky mimicked the patterns of the ice on the lakes.

Minnie got antsy in the car, she whined and she shook and she panted.
She made my mom and i feel a bit anxious as well.

My dad told me i might find treasures in the basement at my grandmas, and i did. I thought it was funny to see an old, old book called "modern physics." The basement was full of dust and cobwebs but light poured through the windows and it was interesting to see old signs of life and days gone past.

Funny little things can make my day.

My mom liked the old books as well.

The Weyhe boys lineage.

A shared laugh.

Grandpa taking an interest in the books we brought up from the basement, some of which dated back to 1894.

A family portrait of sorts.
My dad was getting annoyed with my incessant picture taking. He was the only one who verbalized his irritation, at least.
My brother tends to fall into the background of pictures, and i often get a kick out of his expressions.

Grandpas famous face, captured.

My dad conversing with a foot, a hand and a cigarette.

A murder of crows.
I felt lucky to have had a camera at this second, although it was hard to get a good picture through the windshield of my car, while driving. Thankful nonetheless for the timing.

One empty corner.

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Leiah said...

did you get to take any of the books home?

i like the shots of the birds - and the colors!